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Let it Go

Today, on this New Year's Eve. We started the day off at acac in Short Pump with a Hatha level one yoga class. Two dozen yogis got up early this fine morning and came to practice, yet again. In the Yoga Sutras 1.12 this is called Abyasa (or as google docs voice recognition of SoCo called it .... I'll be awesome). Maybe google does know a thing or two, because YOU ARE awesome! But I digress, Abyasa, it's a steady effort in the right direction, it's that drive that keeps you coming to class each week.

On the flip side we also need to balance out that drive and effort by practicing Vairagya (non-attachment) which allows us to let go of the outcome and let go of things we no longer need in our lives. So often we hold on to thoughts, emotions and negative energy that can weigh us down. Letting it go will instantly make you feel better.

At the end of class everyone wrote down what they wanted to let go, what no longer served them, then balled it up with a piece of sage. Later, Stacy and I also wrote down what we needed to let go and then set it ablaze, releasing it to the universe. On this and every day we wish you joy. Remember, you can let stuff go with every exhale! No need to take it with you, or wait for a particular day.

May you have a wonderfully joyful 2017! Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.

Go with Grace and Ease,

Namaste y'all.

Alec Abbott, ERYT200|RYT500 teaches Southern Style Yoga classes, workshops and private lessons in Richmond, VA 📷 Stacy Abbott • McAbbott Studios

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