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Can you translate "Southern to English"? Google docs had a hard time of it.

So we were on our way to Charlottesville to see the grand-baby, and thought we'd put the time in the car to good use and record a SoCo musing to google docs. The difference was we used Stacy's phone. After sharing my thoughts, she read it back to me and it made us laugh so hard we were crying! We just had to share it with you, as is. Maybe you'll get as big a kick out of it as we did. We're not even sure we can translate it, but leave us a comment if you can decipher the cryptic paragraph of the google docs translation of SoCo! Have fun reading, eh, I mean translating :)

Here's a preview ...

"mamas Daniel"

Lol, that's Namaste y'all!

Hey I used all over again I need a seat and said you needed to tap it this pic but let me drive for just a second honey you're holding the phone in my face smile like a canary waiter nice

Hey going to find a queen Amity between that where you're at peace and so that as you're in peace in that house you're hanging out there and you're is divas you want to go today so what's your fullest expression today not like yesterday you tomorrow but did day so your equal at it if you know what I mean so trying to put that my lemon juice right or your lineage is right hobby Joyce or INR its in splitting hairs your note who makes better yogis I don't know I want to make the best yogi I can make the day Disney life that I have to live there maybe many more lives who knows I know you got this one boarding to see eg so find a place where were at peace and harmony and sharing with the world that acronym that a lot too hot not too cold I do up at 2 just write the Goldilocks son

mamas Daniel

Well there you have it, in all it's glory. We just thought it too funny not to share. Hopefully you got a little chuckle out of it. For a more comprehensible version come to a SoCo yoga class or register for Yoga 2.0 • Beyond the Asana on April 1st at Hanover Yoga.

See you on the mat!

Namaste Y'all!

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